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March 13 & 14, 2015 - OMEGA NYC - Mindfulness & Education Conference, New York City Bringing Mindfulness Practices to Children Grades K–12A
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60 Minutes covers Mindfulness - mentions IRP's Mindfulness Program in the Warren City Schools
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Linda Lantieri's radio interview - December 4, 2014
Stand Up with Pete Dominick
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Secrets of the strong-minded - September, 2014
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From the Inside Out- Helping Teachers & Students Nuture Resilience- October 10, 2014
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The Inner Resilience Program at the Chatsworth Elementary School: Documenting a Contemplative Education Initiative
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Skills for Life Program in Youngstown & Warren City School Districts in Ohio
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Skills for Life Program
Read about the Inner Resilience Program’s new Ohio-based project, Skills For Life
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“The Inner Resilience Program has received support from the NoVo Foundation, the 1440 Foundation, the Kalliopeia Foundation, The Philanthropic Collaborative, the American Red Cross, the September 11th Fund, the Surdna Foundation, The Fetzer Institute, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Charles Keith and Clara Miller Foundation, the Lucius & Eva Eastman Fund, Inc., the National Philanthropic Collaborative, the U.S. Department of Education and Matt Damon.”