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How SEL and Mindfulness Can Work Together April 14, 2015

60 Minutes covers Mindfulness - mentions IRP's Mindfulness Program in the Warren City Schools

Linda Lantieri's radio interview - December 4, 2014
Stand Up with Pete Dominick
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The Inner Resilience Program at the Chatsworth Elementary School: Documenting a Contemplative Education Initiative

Skills for Life Program in Youngstown & Warren City School Districts in Ohio

Skills for Life Program
Read about the Inner Resilience Program’s new Ohio-based project, Skills For Life
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From the Inside Out: Helping Teachers & Students Nurture Resilience

Mindful.org - October, 2014
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By Linda Lantieri
Omega Institute - June 28, 2012

By Linda Lantieri
Reclaiming Youth International E-Newsletter– May 2012

PUBLISHED BY FAROS Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Spain
Read Linda Lantieri and Madhavi Nambiar’s article in English below.
Bisquerra, Rafael (Coord.); Punset, Eduard; Mora, Francisco; García-Navarro, Esther; López-Cassà, Èlia; Pérez-González, Juan Carlos; Lantieri, Linda; Nambiar, Madhavi; Aguilera, Pilar; Segovia, Nieves; Planells, Octavi. (2012) ¿Cómo educar las emociones? La inteligencia emocional en la infancia y la adolescencia. Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona): Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.

Cultivating the Social, Emotional and Inner
Lives of Children and Teachers

By Linda Lantieri in cooperation with
Madhavi Nambiar

Article 6 in ¿Cómo educar las emociones? La inteligencia emocional en la infancia y la adolescencia (How to train our emotions? Emotional intelligence in childhood and youth)
FAROS Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Spain, March 2012.

By Linda Lantieri

By Daniel Goleman
April 25, 2011

Conflict & Resilience

By Linda Lantieri

Emotional Intelligence in Everyday Life

by Linda Lantieri

Building Inner Resilience

Putting the Oxygen Masks on Ourselves First

Social and Emotional Learning
Testimony to Congress

by Linda Lantieri

Social Emotional Intelligence: Cultivating
Children's Hearts and Spirits

Building Emotional Intelligence

by Linda Lantieri

Building Inner Resilience: Cultivating
Emotional Intelligence in Children

by Linda Lantieri

Building Emotional Intelligence and Fostering
Resilience in Children

by Linda Lantieri